Thursday, April 23, 2009

Adam Lambert - Most Ardent Fan Ever!

My 1yr old Farah is actually having high fever, 39.8degC (103.6degF) but can't resist dancing to Adam's "Born To Be Wild" call! Farah was admitted to the children's hospital right the next day, but still dancing wildly, puzzling the nurses..Born To Be Wild! indeed huh.

Engrossed with favourite dvd ................. Rare times I managed to get
'Singing In The Rain' musical ................... her to lie down on the bed

Buzzing around the ward; never a hint of being unwell

But anyway, Farah probably lost her appetite because she violently refused any food at the hospital. She survived on water, Nestle coco crunch and of course, Breastmilk. So I got no choice but to order food that I can eat instead. The hospital catering is like in the Singapore Airlines, not bad. And being served on a platter 3x a day & not having to worry about doing the dishes after that...SUBLIME.... :-)

Monday, October 6, 2008


I was really furious when I read recently about Facebook removing some mums' photos of them breastfeeding their babies! ...and the reason being what, obscene or ridiculous.

I wonder if Facebook applies the same ruling to photos of scantily-clad females, females in bikinis and females who just simply upload photos of themselves exposing alot of flesh...

WHAT is so obscene about mums breastfeeding their babies, anyway? The fact that the babies are feeding, definitely NO NIPPLES are exposed, do you get it. Well I guess some idiots don't.

To me personally, seeing mums nursing their babies and likewise, seeing babies suckling on their mums' breasts, is the most beautiful picture i can imagine, so calm, so peaceful, so serene. THIS is what Mother Nature wants, THIS is how it is supposed to be.

Those who beg to differ or think otherwise,...well, my sympathies to them. They probably never had the benefit of being nursed by their mums OR never had the experience of what joy it is to nurse their own offsprings OR thinks that the BREASTS are only for ...... (u fill in the blank yourself). So there, I really pity them.

As for me, I've said it before and I am still saying it,
My BREASTS, My Business!!


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Does Size Really Matter?

Lemme ask you this:
Do you ever assume that the likes of Dolly Parton, Pamela Anderson Lee or any of those chest-bursting babes on BayWatch are lugging around jugs filled with milk on their chests? ..if you ever thought about it.

Well, guess what? YOUR answer reflects on you, in certain ways. So watch out before you answer out loud!

For the record, Size is NOT the measure of a (Breasfeeding) woMan. I've seen a lady once, flat as a washboard, nursing her baby..and the lil one seemed happy enough. To tell you the truth, I was Not amazed. Coz, I believe, as Mother Nature has intended it to be since time immemorial, ALL birth-giving females are made to breastfeed and are naturally equipped to nourish their young. To those who may argue that not ALL woman are blessed with milk, or have ample supply of it, or the ability to nurse, I say CRAP! How else did Adam's Eve feed her babies ? With apples? When was formula created anyway, definitely not before what, 100yrs ago at least! So how did our ancestors long ago do it? Why, they BREASTFED, of course!

So, coming back to the topic, Does Size Really Matter then? Well NO.
Those Double-D cup ladies out there are blessed with no more milk glands than any other ladies of any other sizes. They are merely blessed with a couple more fatty breasts tissues than the average Jane, that's all,....oh, and ermm..maybe a litre or two, silicone, probably...who knows.

I once heard a joke from a male friend pointing out to another male friend, a really busty lady and said, "if you marry her, at least your children will never go hungry, haha!" I laughed, how naive some Boys are...

And I once was asked by a Double-D cup lady friend, "You sure you're still breastfeeding Farah?" I Proudly said. "Yeah, why not." which made her kind of sceptical, coz she didn't have a flying start-up with Her baby. She wondered where I kept all my milk! Well, I'm pretty modestly built you see, neither big nor small, neither light nor heavy. Just Nice, Size M. But like I said, SIZE has got Nothing to do with it.

We ladies have a Magic Well inside of All of us! Even if you never study Economics you must have heard of the Law of Demand & Supply I'm sure. So long there is Demand, your breasts will most often than not, (barring any nursing problems which I will not discuss here) magically produce BreastMilk for your baby. That's the simple mechanics.

Oh well, nuff said on this topic for now. But like I said,
My Breasts, My Business!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Yes, I'm Breastfeeding. You have a problem with that?

How many times have you breastfed your baby in public and being given 'the look' or some insensitive comments?

Let me share with you 2 experiences I had with my 1st born, Nadia.


My Experience No.1

Once I was in a restaurant and at one point Nadia wanted to nurse. As any breastfeeding mama would do, I flipped up my blouse and nursed her, right then and there. You know, if you are proficient & confident enough with breastfeeding, you are able to do it practically unnoticed. I've nursed in busy, crowded trains with no problems many a times.

But at that fateful restaurant, a nice-looking waiter came up to me. I guess he must have figured out what I was doing as he had been giving me curious looks before that. Well, I totally couldn't believe it when he (politely of course) asked if I could
nurse my baby in the toilet! I replied, just as politely, that my baby is having her lunch, if he don't mind.

The muddle-head obviously was looking for trouble coz he politely repeated to me that I should go
nurse in the toilet, as it was rather clean, nice and quiet. I could not take this nonsense anymore. I said to him, "well since the toilet is so nice, clean and quiet, why don't You have your lunch there? Personally, we prefer it here." I smiled to him... How I just love the look on his face!!!!

My Experience No.2
As usual, I normally just nurse my kid practically anytime, anywhere, so long I make sure I do not expose my breasts to anybody else except the lil one! I was in a shopping mall once and again this time I was approached by a male, for goodness sake... The obviously pea-brained MCP told me not to breastfeed my baby in public as it was very indecent-looking. I looked down, I could only see the back of my baby's head and the rest of her body hugging me, Nothing else. So I looked up at the idiot and said in a rather exaggerated manner, "hmmm...thank you for reminding me that. Look, do you see those bunch of girls over there? Very skimpily dressed. Why don't you remind them instead?" I smiled.

MY husband has no issue with me
breastfeeding, so I wonder why is it a problem to perfect strangers... Any idea?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Breasts, My Business

Have you ever been told by anyone what you must do with Your body parts? I have, like a couple dozen times.

Confused? Well, let me get straight to the point. I breastfeed my kids. It was, and still is, My choice. It's My body. Its My kids. So I wonder what gives some people the right to preach to me that I should stop giving My breasts to my babies. For fear of...the lil ones will gonna want them only and notin else, will cling to them and leave me incapable of doing anything else, and.. the list seems to be still going on.

Well you see, while I do respect other people's opinions and advice, on what I do with My body, some times I do wish that they either keep them to themselves or apply them to their own lives. It's a free world after all.

Of course I don't usually bother much what anyone says, but then again, these 'wise sayings' do have a tendency of coming from the very people around you; your own Mum, your Mom-in-Law, get the drift. Oh ya, and strangers too!

So what do I do?

7yrs ago, with my first child, I did these:
1. Argue back
2. Preach My own opinion about what Wonders the Breasts can do to a child's IQ
3. Got fed-up
4. and a list of other things which were not too pleasant for me to bother to remember.

NOW, 7yrs later,
with my 2nd child, I made up my mind not to let history repeat itself, thus I too, do not repeat those things I did 7yrs ago. Hah!

Whenever the topic about why I am or am still Breastfeeding my child arise, I simply smile, nod my head, and just, well, continue with my life, with whatever I'm doing at that very moment. feels so Empowering; I, Me, Moir, control My own Life. I still respect their (whoever who tells me I should stop Breastfeeding) words of wisdom. I smiled & nod my head didn't I?

The best thing about breastfeeding now for me is that, I have a strong supporter and right-hand person by my side who truly believes in me & what I am doing. Nadia, my 1st born, 7 going on 8, tells me how proud she is that I nurse her baby sister just like I did her long time ago. Nadia says that baby Farah is so smart, just like herself, precisely because she gets breastmilk, which is 100% Natural! Wow, coming from a 7yr-old...(a Breastfed girl)...makes me smile Everytime.