Saturday, September 6, 2008

Does Size Really Matter?

Lemme ask you this:
Do you ever assume that the likes of Dolly Parton, Pamela Anderson Lee or any of those chest-bursting babes on BayWatch are lugging around jugs filled with milk on their chests? ..if you ever thought about it.

Well, guess what? YOUR answer reflects on you, in certain ways. So watch out before you answer out loud!

For the record, Size is NOT the measure of a (Breasfeeding) woMan. I've seen a lady once, flat as a washboard, nursing her baby..and the lil one seemed happy enough. To tell you the truth, I was Not amazed. Coz, I believe, as Mother Nature has intended it to be since time immemorial, ALL birth-giving females are made to breastfeed and are naturally equipped to nourish their young. To those who may argue that not ALL woman are blessed with milk, or have ample supply of it, or the ability to nurse, I say CRAP! How else did Adam's Eve feed her babies ? With apples? When was formula created anyway, definitely not before what, 100yrs ago at least! So how did our ancestors long ago do it? Why, they BREASTFED, of course!

So, coming back to the topic, Does Size Really Matter then? Well NO.
Those Double-D cup ladies out there are blessed with no more milk glands than any other ladies of any other sizes. They are merely blessed with a couple more fatty breasts tissues than the average Jane, that's all,....oh, and ermm..maybe a litre or two, silicone, probably...who knows.

I once heard a joke from a male friend pointing out to another male friend, a really busty lady and said, "if you marry her, at least your children will never go hungry, haha!" I laughed, how naive some Boys are...

And I once was asked by a Double-D cup lady friend, "You sure you're still breastfeeding Farah?" I Proudly said. "Yeah, why not." which made her kind of sceptical, coz she didn't have a flying start-up with Her baby. She wondered where I kept all my milk! Well, I'm pretty modestly built you see, neither big nor small, neither light nor heavy. Just Nice, Size M. But like I said, SIZE has got Nothing to do with it.

We ladies have a Magic Well inside of All of us! Even if you never study Economics you must have heard of the Law of Demand & Supply I'm sure. So long there is Demand, your breasts will most often than not, (barring any nursing problems which I will not discuss here) magically produce BreastMilk for your baby. That's the simple mechanics.

Oh well, nuff said on this topic for now. But like I said,
My Breasts, My Business!!


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Linda Miller said...

This is a really good post. Interesting, I never thought about it that way!

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Hmm.. this gives me an idea..