Friday, August 29, 2008

Yes, I'm Breastfeeding. You have a problem with that?

How many times have you breastfed your baby in public and being given 'the look' or some insensitive comments?

Let me share with you 2 experiences I had with my 1st born, Nadia.


My Experience No.1

Once I was in a restaurant and at one point Nadia wanted to nurse. As any breastfeeding mama would do, I flipped up my blouse and nursed her, right then and there. You know, if you are proficient & confident enough with breastfeeding, you are able to do it practically unnoticed. I've nursed in busy, crowded trains with no problems many a times.

But at that fateful restaurant, a nice-looking waiter came up to me. I guess he must have figured out what I was doing as he had been giving me curious looks before that. Well, I totally couldn't believe it when he (politely of course) asked if I could
nurse my baby in the toilet! I replied, just as politely, that my baby is having her lunch, if he don't mind.

The muddle-head obviously was looking for trouble coz he politely repeated to me that I should go
nurse in the toilet, as it was rather clean, nice and quiet. I could not take this nonsense anymore. I said to him, "well since the toilet is so nice, clean and quiet, why don't You have your lunch there? Personally, we prefer it here." I smiled to him... How I just love the look on his face!!!!

My Experience No.2
As usual, I normally just nurse my kid practically anytime, anywhere, so long I make sure I do not expose my breasts to anybody else except the lil one! I was in a shopping mall once and again this time I was approached by a male, for goodness sake... The obviously pea-brained MCP told me not to breastfeed my baby in public as it was very indecent-looking. I looked down, I could only see the back of my baby's head and the rest of her body hugging me, Nothing else. So I looked up at the idiot and said in a rather exaggerated manner, "hmmm...thank you for reminding me that. Look, do you see those bunch of girls over there? Very skimpily dressed. Why don't you remind them instead?" I smiled.

MY husband has no issue with me
breastfeeding, so I wonder why is it a problem to perfect strangers... Any idea?


Steph said...

Hi Mona,

Thanks for your nice comments on my blog - I'm glad you enjoy it and I hope you'll keep coming back!

Good for you for standing up to these folks. I particularly like your response to the restaurant guy! Well done!

Keep writing - it's wonderful to have stories to share and a place to put them, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Um, the second story has a good point, but the second story, not so much. Really? In a restraunt? That waiter has probably dealt with that kind of thing before and that might have been kind of rude of you. Plus telling HIM to have lunch in the bathroom isn't exactly the same as a baby having lunch in a bathroom: a) he's (probably) eating solid food, and b) have you been in any of the men's bathroom?! They're fricking pigsties! He's much more likely to get sick in a men's bathroom than your baby is in a women's bathroom.
Plus, give the guy a break. He's a waiter. They have to take a lot of crap like that for not a lot of pay.

Kaiser said...

Jeez, give it a rest will you? It's just a couple of stories. No harm done.

No, Luke, I AM your waiter! Heheh.

TuTu's Bliss said...

I was a waitress all through college and would have never disturbed a woman nursing her child because of my own hang ups. Plus the right to nurse in public is protected by law in most states. Good for you!! And he obviously wasn't that hard up on cash or he wouldn't have risked his tip just to bother you