Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Breasts, My Business

Have you ever been told by anyone what you must do with Your body parts? I have, like a couple dozen times.

Confused? Well, let me get straight to the point. I breastfeed my kids. It was, and still is, My choice. It's My body. Its My kids. So I wonder what gives some people the right to preach to me that I should stop giving My breasts to my babies. For fear of...the lil ones will gonna want them only and notin else, will cling to them and leave me incapable of doing anything else, and.. the list seems to be still going on.

Well you see, while I do respect other people's opinions and advice, on what I do with My body, some times I do wish that they either keep them to themselves or apply them to their own lives. It's a free world after all.

Of course I don't usually bother much what anyone says, but then again, these 'wise sayings' do have a tendency of coming from the very people around you; your own Mum, your Mom-in-Law, get the drift. Oh ya, and strangers too!

So what do I do?

7yrs ago, with my first child, I did these:
1. Argue back
2. Preach My own opinion about what Wonders the Breasts can do to a child's IQ
3. Got fed-up
4. and a list of other things which were not too pleasant for me to bother to remember.

NOW, 7yrs later,
with my 2nd child, I made up my mind not to let history repeat itself, thus I too, do not repeat those things I did 7yrs ago. Hah!

Whenever the topic about why I am or am still Breastfeeding my child arise, I simply smile, nod my head, and just, well, continue with my life, with whatever I'm doing at that very moment. feels so Empowering; I, Me, Moir, control My own Life. I still respect their (whoever who tells me I should stop Breastfeeding) words of wisdom. I smiled & nod my head didn't I?

The best thing about breastfeeding now for me is that, I have a strong supporter and right-hand person by my side who truly believes in me & what I am doing. Nadia, my 1st born, 7 going on 8, tells me how proud she is that I nurse her baby sister just like I did her long time ago. Nadia says that baby Farah is so smart, just like herself, precisely because she gets breastmilk, which is 100% Natural! Wow, coming from a 7yr-old...(a Breastfed girl)...makes me smile Everytime.


Anonymous said...

haha this is so funny. it is a shame more people don't check it out... i am pregnant now and have heard that brest feeding is painful and even that a womans nipple started to fall apart and pieces came off... in your experiance has this happened to you? thanks,
(planned breastfeeder)

SexyMama said...

Hi Shelby,

I'm glad you hv planned to breastfeed. I wish you well on your breastfeeding journey.

To answer your qns., well, yes & no. Yes it can be painful at the beginning, that's because the baby sucks & sucks pretty much non-stop. But that's normal cause it is nature's way of telling yr body that there is a demand for milk & thus make it work to build up the supply. There's lots of nipple creams to treat the sore nipples though.

Yeah the 1st mth is challenging and it is also the crucial "make it or break it" period. Persevere, cause once you get over that period, things just get easier gradually. The nipples would have pretty much gotten used to it and both you and your baby will adapt & learn how to do it better somehow.

But haha, where in the world did you hear about the nipples falling apart & pieces came off? Only a baby piranha can do that i guess...human babies r not capable of that...i'm really sorry but i can't help giggling when i read this...sorry!

ajp said...

good on ya for just being able to ignore ppl's comments..
can see that you exude confidence..
good on ya.